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We took years of applied business psychology research and turned it into a convenient web app, just for busy people like you!

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How can we help you?

Are you running a business and want to calculate the performance of your crew? Do you spend time trying to calculate the exact information, but always fail to do so? Are you tired of searching for a person to do that for you? If the answer is yes, stop being worried! We brought you a solution for all your problems that you face while calculating the performance of your team. Scorecardx is the ultimate platform where you can get the best solutions to all your management issues.

Scorecardx will provide you with an opportunity with which you can check the performance of your team any time and see manage it properly. Gone are the days when you had to hire a person to do that for you. All you have to do is to get this software and put all your worries aside because your performance management is in safe hands. Having an eye on performance management is no more a big deal and all thanks to ScorecardX.

Why choose ScorecardX for performance management?

With so many tools available today, why choose ScorecardX over a traditional Excel spreadsheet or otherwise?

Incredibly Easy to Use

Setting up a traditional weighted scorecard system with Excel or pen and paper is cumbersome and not very mobile. Our core product will always be available in a mobile-friendly form and can have you up and running.

Created by Behavioral Scientists

We know that the market has tough competition for us, but ScorecardX is one of its kind and no one can compete it in the efficiency and adaptability of our software. We were born out of necessity and a desire to practice better employee management.

Because it works!

Giving feedback works. This is most true when your employee truly values the work they do. Caring about their job, plus a visual display of performance paired up with clear descriptions and definitions outlining how to succeed at any required job task, has been shown, through research and real-world application, to increase employee performance! 

ScorecardX is always available!

The first thing about Scorecardx that makes it the best performance management tool is that is always available for you. No matter what time of the day it is, Scorecardx is available and you can enjoy its amazing services for your business. If you want to take your business to the heights, Scorecardx will be your right hand. Scorecardx will provide you a detailed report about your performance. In this way, Scorecardx is the best tool that every HR should have in hand to get the best results.

Registration and Setup is so fast!
Providing scores only takes as long as becoming familiar with the scoring criteria
Easily send your employee a copy of the current scoring report along with any relevant feedback

Enjoy an intuitive user experience

Another wonderful feature about Scorecardx is that we are intuitive and interactive, such that you will not need any prior knowledge to use this platform. The easy instructions will help you understand the working of the software. During your first experience, you will be given a guided tour showing you where to go and which buttons to click.

Furthermore, the experience is interactive and clean. You will find no glitches or bugs in the software to disrupt your performance management. Plus, the developers keep on improving it the platform based on YOUR feedback to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Robust reporting and analytics

The most important feature that you must check for with any performance management tool its robustness. We are proud to tell you Scorecardx is a very robust reporting and analytics tool. We are flexible and visually appealing such that the Human Resource managers find it interesting to work with. Scorecardx will provide you with exactly the right and relevant employee performance metrics so you can get a better overview of your crew’s performance at your business.

Simple Process to Get Started

Get the App. Sign Up. Register Users. Score. Review. Relax.


  • Register an account

  • Add your employees

  • Tack on Achievements

Review Performance

  • Review the 'proof of work'., often a photograph is sufficient

  • Enter achievement scores on your mobile or desktop device

  • Review with the employee, either face-to-face or using our built-in video chat system

Manage & Relax

  • Create clear expectations

  • Provide objective feedback

  • Compare employees across the organization

  • Track organization performance

Beta has been released! Sign up now!!

The time is soon upon which ScorecardX will be released to a select group of business-minded individuals. Will you be among them?! Just send us a message below and we will be in touch! 

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